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General Success Stories

Client: International Labor Organization (ILO)
Conducted the Mid-Term Review of the Guyana Component of ILO-IPEC - International Program for Elimination of Child Labor- -Tackling Child Labor Through Education Project [TACKLE]). Facilitated interviews, a stakeholders workshop and desk research review. This report was credited with being quite instructive in illuminating the key constraints and challenges to operational status of the project and implementation in Guyana. It was well received by the client- ILO, Ministry of Labor/Education and employer organizations.

Client: Government of Guyana/Inter American Development Bank
Conducted Export Readiness Assessment for SME's in Guyana under the Matching Grants Project of the NCS (National Competitiveness Strategy).

Client: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Appointed Monitor of CIDA Guyana Private Sector Commission Development Project for the period 2009-2011. The goals of this project are: to improve the climate for private sector investment and entrepreneurial initiative in Guyana, and to have a stronger advocacy role established for the private sector in economic growth.

-Conducted an Operational Review of the CIDA Private Sector Commission Capacity Development Project. Reviewed the Strategic Plan, the Logical Framework and Work Breakdown Structure. Developed a Work Plan and Monitoring and Evaluation System.

-Developed a Sustainability Plan for the Guyana Private Sector Commission. This Plan is now the key guide to organizational development of the Commission. It seeks to make the Commission more service oriented to the private sector and in a manner that can generate new financial streams for the organization.

-Monitor/Evaluates on a periodic basis, the CIDA Guyana Private Sector Commission Development Project. Also makes recommendations for improved governance/performance. As a result of 1st Report CIDA agreed to increases funding to this project. The most recent report (June 2010) gives a full update on regulatory and institutional reform of the business environment. It tracks progress in the World Bank’s Doing Business in Guyana Indicators, and PSC’s implementation of the Sustainability Plan.

-Provided Benchmark Data for CIDA’s Caribbean Private Sector Development Plan: [Performance Management Framework Outcome Indicators)

Client: Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO)

As CESO Guyana country representation, identified organizations needing assistance and partnered them with volunteer advisers (VAs) from Canada. CESO has a long and distinguished record of providing technical advice to business and civil society organizations around the globe.

Results: Examples of results from some key CESO assignments:
• Review of Trade Agreements governing Guyana trade relations
Client: Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA). Based on the recommendations from this review, the GMSA will pursue opportunities within Free Trade Agreements that Guyana has signed.
• Review of Guyana’s tourism prospects and recommendations for product development

Client: Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG).
As CESO adviser helped THAG develop a strategic plan for the next five years.
• Strategic and marketing plans Client: Guyana Volunteer Consultancy. These two important plans will be the basis for transforming the structure and course of this organization.

Client: Precision Woodworking Ltd.
Developed a prospectus and strategic business plan for the largest garden furniture manufacturer in the Caribbean.

Results: This prospectus served as a tool to interest potential investors in a joint venture. This company is now restructured, and more diversified.

Client: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
Conducted a review of Guyana’s regulatory climate and incentives governing investment for this client’s business development program.

Results: This scoping study provided input into the Guyana’s National Competitiveness Strategy Program, and is a good reference source for historical changes in the business environment.

Client: Carana Corporation of Virginia, U.S.A.
Conducted research in Guyana to help the client successfully tender for funds under the USAID Guyana Trade and Investment Support Project (GTIS).
Results: Carana’s successful bid has helped the company implement the GTIS project over the last five years in Guyana, with outcomes in tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry.

Client: Caribbean Resources Ltd
Conducted Financial Due Diligence of this Company as a basis for attracting a prospective partner.

Client: Caribbean Regional Competitiveness HRD Program (CPEC)
Coordinated a five-year competitiveness program to develop emerging business sectors in Guyana.

Results: Developed 14 sub-project proposals.
• Three firms received ISO 9001 Certification that has helped them increase exports. As a result of capacity building and training delivered through the CPEC project, 2 additional companies in Guyana have received ISO 9001, resulting in a total of 5 companies being certified due to CPEC’s intervention.
• HACCP training and capacity-building helped Guyana seafood meet market access conditions to the European market.
• Diagnostic Laboratory set up for poultry testing, and training conducted for disease prevention/surveillance. .
• Several hundred persons received TVET training and certificates, significant capacity building takes place in tourism.
• Through a project with the Shipping Association of Guyana (SAG), key training was conducted for the shipping industry in key standards for life at sea, and in preparation for port security standards following the 911 disaster in the USA.

Through work with the USAID/GTIS project additional expertise gained in cluster analysis and design, cluster positioning and marketing. Prior work in privatization also gives us additional expertise in privatization and enterprise restructuring.

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